no-code report #030

Hello! It’s been a long time since an edition of no-code report, but here’s a fresh take on an old newsletter. I hope you enjoy!

No-Code Conf 2021

Webflow caused a frenzy when they announced that No-Code Conf is back! The legendary (yes, legendary) conference will be held on November 17th - 18th at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California. Early bird in-person tickets are available until September 6th for $299.

In-person gathering not for you just yet? Webflow is offering an online version of No-Code Conf for free! Pajama no-code party anyone?

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Webflow for teams

Have you ever tried to work with somebody else in a Webflow project? If so, you probably struggled to work together since only one person could open a Webflow project at a time. Webflow isn’t only bringing people together for a conference, they also released a new feature that allows multiple people to access a Webflow project at a time!

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Bubble raised $100M

That’s right, that’s an M for MILLION in that headline. Bubble has raised a $100M Series A round led by Ryan Hinkle of Insight Partners. This is a huge win for the Bubble team and for the no-code space as a whole. So what’s next for Bubble? From their announcement, they plan to invest heavily into education to make it easier for new users to learn Bubble.

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Glide 2.0

What started out as a tool that made apps from Google Sheets has now become so much more! Glide just released a new version of their product, which introduces some big improvements, like built-in data tables (no more need for Google Sheets), multi-step and conditional actions, tablet layout, and more!

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There’s a new community and tutorial resource for Adalo makers that has absolutely nothing to do with avocados, but hey, the name is…catchy? This is a personal project of mine (Parker) and if you’re interested in building no-code apps with Adalo, please consider joining our community for free!

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