no-code report #031

Wix enters the no-code mobile app arena

Have you been wanting an easy way to make a fully branded, native mobile app, but you don’t want to code it or learn how to use a no-code builder? Wix’s new branded app offering may be just the solution for you, but it will cost $2,400 a year.

If you sign up before September 20th, you will get 50% off for life.

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Learn the ways of no-code from Lacey Kesler

You’re reading this newsletter, so you probably know how vast the no-code landscape really is. There are hundreds of tools to pick from, which makes it difficult to know the right way to go about starting your project.

If you’re at all interested in making things without writing code, you should pre-order the No-Code Masterclass from Lacey Kesler! She’ll be sharing foundational knowledge that will help you approach your no-code project with confidence.

Lacey is a no-code veteran, the co-host of a no-code podcast, the head of education at a no-code company, and she has prior experience in traditional code development, so you don’t want to miss this course!

Snag the pre-sale for $99 before No-Code Masterclass officially launches on September 9th, 2021.

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F’insweet adds features to Webflow with a new Chrome extension

F’insweet just launched a free Chrome extension that interacts with Webflow projects to unlock extra features, like bulk 301 redirect uploads, interaction reordering, breakpoint removal, and more!

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Meet Floxies, a community for women in UX/UI design and Webflow

There’s a new community made just for women in design and Webflow. It’s free to join and advertised as a “safe space where you can feel free to share your creativity, doubts, learn from other women designers and create new opportunities for yourself as well as the whole community.”

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Now you can automate users with Softr’s new API

Softr is quickly becoming one of the most popular no-code web app tools and they just launched the first version of their API which allows you to create/delete users in your app! Additionally, they recently launched Single Sign-on (SSO) for users, email branding options, and performance improvements.

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Ycode adds workflows

Ycode just launched a huge new feature: Workflows. With workflows, you can automate events that should happen when site visitors click a button! Use workflows to make database updates, hide/show on-page elements, or manage a user’s login state.

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